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        Moving Together, One Beat at a Time

Where to find us?

Community Health Workshops & Events

We are community health advocates and event planners who seek to provide free valuable & implementable information to the public for a more sustainable future. These workshops and events are structured to share ideas regarding health and wellness, as well as bringing a sense of fellowship and social bonding.


Non-Profit  Donation Based Healing Sanctuary

We are a Non-Profit Donation based organization that offers a safe and cozy environment for all to come and be served by the healing arts of chiropractic and myofascial release at community outreach events, festivals and volunteering to serve wherever and whenever we can.


Festival Healing with Love

If you love dancing as much as we do, then there is always that point you reach at every festival where your feet, ankles, hips and back are aching and desperately needing relief. Within the comfort of our tents, we provide a sanctuary for healing that ensures everyone can perform at their peak and keep the music going. We are highly dynamic and can adapt to the needs and wishes of all festival goers in any environment, elevating each new experience to the maximum, getting you back on the dance floor and loving life.

Our Mission

At Chromatic Healing, we honor and respect the bodies amazing innate healing abilities and strive to promote the optimization of all its functions through dance, conscious eating, and community celebration.

Our Vision

We envision a world of sustainable living with healthy communities that promote connection, awareness, and prosperity for all.

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